Philipp Khaitovich's group
Prof. Philipp Khaitovich
Brain nutrition
We study the relationship between nutrients, such as breast milk composition, and the molecular organization of the growing human brain.
Prof. Philipp Khaitovich
Molecular ingredients unique to the human brain
We compare the molecular organisation of the human brain with that of our closest living relatives, such as chimpanzees and bonobos, to identify structural and functional components unique to the human brain.
Research interests: molecular mechanisms of evolution, biomarkers, features of human lipidome and metabolome, evolution of longevity.

The research conducted in Philipp's laboratory is built on a combination of the following resources and instruments:

  • Collection of unique human and non-human samples.
  • Use of novel high-throughput data generation methods, including high-throughput sequencing and high precision mass spectrometry to generate comprehensive datasets covering gene structure (splicing) and activity (expression), as well as cellular and organismal physiology estimated using concentrations of thousands of biochemical markers: metabolites and lipids.
  • Use of novel analytical tools and algorithms to analyze data and intergrade heterogeneous data types.
  • Use of classical laboratory approaches, including microscopy and immunohistochemistry, as well as cell culture and organism-level experiments, to verified specific results obtained by the analysis of large datasets.

    We use various combinations of these resources and instruments to get insights into complex biological problems, with the main focus on:

  • Evolution of cognitive abilities unique to humans or particularly advances in humans.
  • Metabolic and structural organization of the human brain, its evolution and variability across human populations
  • Molecular features of natural and artificial selections in humans and domesticated species

Full Professor
Ph.D, molecular neurobiologist.
Anna Vanyshkina
Research Scientist
Ilya Kurochkin
Research Scientist
Bioinformatics. Brain Evolution
Asiya Ayupova
Research Scientist
Molecular Biology
Elena Popova
Research Scientist
Brain Modelling
Elena Stekolshikova
Junior Research Scientist
Lipidomics. Brain Evolution, Brain Pathophysiology.
Aleksandra Mitina
Research Intern
Nikolay Anikanov
Konstantin Novikov
Olga Efimova
Olga Gavrilenko
Alina Chernova
PhD Student
Anna Tkachev
PhD Student
Rim Gubaev
PhD Student
Alexander Ilin
PhD Student
Maria Osetrova
PhD Student
Anastasiya Velikanova
PhD Student